Shocking Viral Video Shows Teen Girls Attacking Elderly Man Who Asked Them To Get Off His Lawn

A shocking video has gone viral this week appearing to show two teen girls attacking a 62-year-old man — after he asked them not to sit in his yard.

The man, who has not been identified, is seen speaking to the teenagers outside his home in Syracuse, New York.

But one girl suddenly punches the man and, when he tries to retaliate, her friend pushes him to the ground before the pair flee the scene.

The video was posted on Facebook by a user hoping to “get justice for this man”, describing the girls in the footage as “sad, ignorant, and disgusting”.

Commenters were also quick to condemn the shocking video.

“I have given it to the local Syracuse news and police,” wrote the uploader, “Please share in hopes that it lands in the right hands and these children are held accountable!”

You can see the footage for yourself below.