Ghislaine Maxwell Is Teaching ‘Etiquette Classes’ in Prison

During the twice-weekly sessions, which can accommodate up to 40 inmates, the disgraced socialite preaches about women’s empowerment and the need to ‘maintain high moral standards.’

Maxwell, 52, is attempting to reinvent herself as a female role model despite her conviction for procuring underage girls for her late pedophile lover Jeffrey Epstein to degrade and abuse.

‘Taught by Mrs. Maxwell this course teaches the three principles of etiquette – focusing on respect, consideration and honesty,’ a flyer pinned up inside the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee, Florida, reads.

According to sources at a low-security lockup, inmates are being offered a four-week program teaching them how to exhibit good manners and present themselves in job interviews, such as how to talk, dress, and conduct themselves.

Maxwell, the daughter of media tycoon Robert Maxwell, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for her part in the sex trafficking ring orchestrated by Jeffrey Epstein. Having spent much of her childhood in Oxford, where her family resided in Headington Hill Hall which is now part of the Oxford University campus, she became a prominent figure in the London social scene during the 1980s.

During this time, she met Epstein and went on to have a long-term relationship with him, during which she groomed young women for him to abuse.

Maxwell, arrested in 2020, was convicted in December 2021. She alleged mistreatment at the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York, where she was held until her transfer to a Florida facility in July.

Now, the convicted criminal’s etiquette course has become so successful that she is providing it in both English and Spanish, with the aid of a Colombian inmate as translator.

As part of the First Step Act, signed by former President Donald Trump, a course has been created to reduce the prison population and recidivism rates. Those who attend the course are eligible to have 15 days removed from their sentence.

Maxwell, the course instructor, provides information on job interview attire and discussions on feminism and female empowerment, citing former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as an example of leadership.

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