30 Of The Funniest Tweets About The 2016 Olympics That Anyone Can Laugh At

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1. This guy who made a really good point about context.


2.This dude who feels so useless at the Olympics.


3. This over-enthusiastic reaction.

4. This woman who wouldn’t have had a clue about the Olympics if not for the commentator.

5. This misunderstanding about torch tradition.


6. This sad comparison of Olympian and son.

7. And this depressing reality about watching the Olympics from home.

8. This attempt at an Olympian physique.


9. This girl, who like most spectators, turn into sports experts every time the Olympics are on.


10. This guy who’s just in it for the gold.


11. Ping-pong at an Olympic level? Okay…

12. This comedian who made a fair point about Olympic sports.

13. Participation trophies all around!

14. This person who’s really concerned about the horses.

15. And this guy who just had to bring down a perfectly good party.

16. Basically everyone watching the swimming competitions at the Olympics.


17. This guy who really doesn’t like getting splashed.

18. When there are 16-year-olds competing in the Olympics and you’re… you.

19. “He’s never going to recover from that flip. No way.”

20. Petition to start calling Olympians “obsessed nerds who just practice all day!”


21. This guy whose Olympic dreams just weren’t coming true.


22. Just keep practicing on that toast, girl.


23. “Am I an athlete now?”

24. This amazing realization about Phelps’ winnings.

25. This dude is everyone who has no idea who’s in the Olympics but watches it anyway.

26. This guy who set some practical goals for himself.

27. This woman who may not be an Olympian, but has the dedication of one.

28. This guy who figured out the best thing about winning at the Olympics.


29. This girl who’s about halfway to greatness… kind of.


30. And finally, this girl who summed up pretty much what we’re all thankful for this Olympics season.

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