Introverts Everywhere Need This “Leave Me Alone” Sweater That Lets You Shut Out The World

We’ve all had the feeling where you’re in a social situation and you just want to run away and hide from the world. Now, thanks to designer Ruth Grace, an innovative new jumper will let you do just that.

Ruth created the “leave me alone” sweater after wanting a new sewing project and had been admiring infinity dresses that can  be worn a number of ways.


So she designed the sweater to be a little safe place we can all retreat to when the world is just too much.

All you do is zip up the hood and enjoy your solitude (okay, you might look a little weird).


Ruth admits the sweater was never meant to be a “functional piece of clothing”, as you can’t actually see through the wool when the hood’s up, and says it’s more of a “statement”.

But you can also wear it as a cowl neck or off-the-shoulder, so you’re not always cut off from the world (unless you want to be).


The sweater isn’t available to buy, but Ruth has created a detailed DIY guide, so if you want to make your very own Leave Me Alone Sweater, head to the Instructables page.


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