Woman Slapped By Furious Senior Citizen On Subway After Refusing To Give Up Her Seat

Shocking footage of an old man fiercely slapping a woman on a subway in central China is making rounds online.

The incident occurred on Wednesday on the No. 6 line on Wuhan Metro at about 9:20am.

The pair started arguing, with the visibly agitated pensioner unleashing a train of insults at the woman, who reportedly did not want to give him her seat.


The scuffle happened during rush hour. The man was travelling with a bicycle and was desperately looking for a seat on the crowded train. As the riders were passing between the stations Dazhi Road and Jianghan Road, the man asked her for a seat. She refused.

As the fight began to escalate, and the woman, presumably in her 40s, further egged him on by saying he was bullying others just because he was old.

After the woman, who was sitting in the Priority Seat, screamed, “Self-righteous old man!” in their local dialect, the elderly man’s hand reached out and striked her square in the cheek.


The other passengers audibly gasped at the old man’s violent behaviour. The woman stood up and fought back, pushing the old man’s bicycle as he was holding on to it for balance.


While some bystanders tried to appease the situation, with one of them even pulling back the old man and physically putting himself between the two, the fight continued.


The scene finally called to a close when the foul-mouthed man got off at the Jianghan Road stop.

The video has received divided opinions as to whose side to take in this situation. While many defended the woman, a number of viewers also understood the pensioner’s reaction.

“This man is just crazy,” said one. “If I were the woman, I would probably have slapped him back!”


Another wrote: “The woman doesn’t look like a young person at all – she has every right to stay in her seat.”

Meanwhile, some sided with the man, saying: “You should be respectful to the elderly no matter what.”

Watch the gripping drama unfold for yourself:

Video Credit: LADBIBLE