Greek Wildfires Cause People To Seek Safety By The Sea

After a week of blazing wildfires in Greece, people have been seeking refuge by the sea.

A video has emerged showing how crowds of people have flocked to the sea to escape flames and smoke.

As of Sunday, the death toll has officially risen to 91. Fire officials have declared 25 people missing.

The footage was shot by one of the survivors on Monday, July 23. In the video, frightened people could be seen huddling together. Some were crying as thick smoke clouded the background.

There were at least 1,000 homes damaged in the fire and over 300 vehicles burned. Officials have said that around 40 of the bodies have been recovered and identified.


Authorities have informed relatives of victims to report to the city’s mortuary to help in identifying the bodies. They were also told to present a DNA sample to help with the identification process.

Since many of the bodies were burned beyond recognition, formal identification is not expected until later this week. Officials have asked some members of the city’s dental school to help identify the bodies to make the process faster.

The worst area hit by the fire was Mati where the blaze started. Officials have said that the death toll is still estimated to rise as continue to put out the fire.