This Lonely Guy Crochets Hilarious Food Hats To Make Friends

Moving to a new city without any friends or family can be a pretty lonely experience — something that Phil Ferguson found out when he moved to Melbourne. In order to cope — and meet new people in the process — he has made use of his artistry and amazing sense of humor by crocheting headware in the shape of food and posting them on Instagram.

Perhaps it’s the unconventional nature of the hats, or his melancholy facial expressions, but we really can’t help but love him. And apparently, so does Chili Philly’s nearly 60,000 followers. Come on, can you blame us?

We can never resist a guy who loves pizza.

And he didn’t even miss the meatballs!

Do you wanna taco about it?

Fries on the side, please.

I need this hat in my life.

I know what I feel like for dinner.

Veggie pizza, anyone?

Eat your greens, people!

How’s this for a birthday cupcake?


It’s a donut fascinator, people!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

One lump, or two?

Some eggplant realness.

This will be a hit this summer.

Avocado — the real superfood.

Do you wonton some lovin’?

He’s a real gem, isn’t he? Watch his BBC interview below:

For more of Chili Philly’s mouthwatering hats, follow him on Instagram.