10 Things You Can Do Today To Ensure You’re A Lady Of Leisure 5 Years From Now

#1. Invest a little every month.


While this may seem like a boring way to financially secure yourself down the line, there’s no arguing that this simple method will allow you to chill later. Get your money working for you.

#2. Get a second income.


Find something you like to do and develop it so it can become a means for a second income. If you like to do crafts, sell them on the weekends at a farmer’s market. It won’t feel like work and this is extra money to put into your lady of leisure fund.

#3. Buy and sell.


This relies on the same principle as the previous point. You probably have lots of things lying around the house that you’re not using any more. So why not sell them on eBay? You get rid of stuff and make extra money to put towards your future. When you’re savvy enough on eBay, you may even want to look at buying cheap items and selling them on for a profit.

#4. Buy things that will increase in value.


The original Cabbage Patch Kid is now worth $50,000. This is a good example of how holding onto something for awhile can be a great investment. Find something classic that isn’t considered vintage yet and hold onto it for the next decade. You’ll be surprised how much it increases in value.

#5. Keep expenses low.


If you really want to be a lady of leisure, you need to put money away. This is going to require compromise but if you’re creative it doesn’t have to be a bore. For example, instead of going to the spa, make your own products at home and have a diva night in with your girls. Make gourmet food at home and invite your friends instead of going out for dinner. Buy an espresso machine as an investment so you can make your morning latte from home.

#6. Develop something and then sell it.


If you start to develop something like a blog or a YouTube page right now, you’ll probably come across ways in the next ten years to incur cash flow from it. You can make money from ads or start selling something that pertains to your blog niche. A decade from now, your slow but progressive development idea can be an easy source of income.

#7. …Or let someone else run your business.


If  you’ve developed a company that requires management, find someone to do it for you. It will take a piece out of your monthly lady of leisure income but it’s worth it. Bring someone part time into the business a few years before you’re ready to lounge. They’ll know the business inside and out so they’ll run it smoothly. You get to live out your lady of leisure lifestyle.

#8. Work somewhere that saves you money.


If you’re addicted to expensive coffee, take a second job as a barista. They give you great discounts off items and all the free fancy coffee you could want. If you love expensive beauty products, same goes. Wherever you find yourself making the most purchases, get a job there. You not only make extra money but you save a lot too. To go even further with it, you can purchase products with your employee discount and resell hot items online.

#9. Find a wealthy guy…!


This is a common method of becoming a lady of leisure. An older gentleman once told me this, “if you marry for money, you’ll earn every cent.” I think he was implying that it’s not as much fun as it looks. You will likely get everything you want in life without lifting a finger but none of the wealth is due to your accomplishments. If you’re okay with that, find yourself a rich guy.

#10. Find an affordable place to live the lifestyle you want.


Let’s be realistic, you probably won’t be living as a lady of leisure on a yacht with your own captain unless you’re super lucky with all of the above. If you don’t have anything tying you down, you may want to consider places around the world that allow you to live off your hard earned money relatively cheaply. There are a few countries that will allow your dollars to stretch further, giving you all the time in the world to relax. The nice thing about being a lady of leisure is you have the luxury to go anywhere.

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