The Hand-Holding, #FollowMeTo Couple Has Posted The Most Gorgeous Honeymoon Photos Ever

Murad and Natalia Osmann are the couple made internet-famous by their #FollowMeTo series of photos that features Natalia leading Murad by the hand through their travels around the world.

The pair started taking their signature, hand-holding shots in 2011 with a trip to Barcelona and Venice.

The photos of their trip to India skyrocketed the couple’s internet fan base.

In 2015, the couple got engaged and married. Of course, they took pictures in their signature style.

After their fairy-tale wedding, the couple went on an amazing honeymoon. They kicked things off in Vegas, where they took in the famous Bellagio hotel fountains.

Natalia also posed on the edge of the balcony of their hotel room.

After Vegas, it was time for someplace tropical, so they headed to the Maldives.

They waded through the cool, blue water…

And did some surfing.

Marriage hasn’t slowed this couple down one bit, and you can follow their ongoing world travels at their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.

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