35 Best Hand Tattoo Ideas of 2022

The best hand tattoos are the ones that speak to you. They’re not just a design, they have a story and meaning behind them. Hand tattoos are an incredible way to express yourself through ideas that reflect your personality or your beliefs about what is most important in life.

1. Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Apart from looking very cool, a simple skeleton hand tattoo design can be seen as a symbol of death because it shows that you’ve “broken the skin” and crossed over into the world of the dead. It can also represent mortality, or simply be a reminder that our time on earth is limited. Also referred to as a ‘bone hand tattoo’.

2. Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull tattoos are not just for people who have dark personalities. Far from it, a skull design can be inked on the hands of anyone with an edgy style or love for gothic art. It is striking and bold and serves as a reminder to make the most out of life.

3. Rose Hand Tattoo

A tattoo of the rose is often designed to represent faith, hope and love. The three petals inked on your hand will require more time than other designs as it takes shading with darker colors but if you want a bold final product then this could be just what you’re looking for.

4. Butterfly Hand Tattoo

A colorful butterfly inked on your hand can enhance the beauty of existing tattoos or stand out on its own. These chic and feminine designs can make a woman’s hands look delicate and graceful. A small butterfly hand tattoo can be placed on the palm, on the fingers, or on the back of your hand.

5. Henna Hand Tattoo

This is a temporary tattoo that people have become increasingly interested in due to its natural look. Henna hand tattoos are popular during the summer among tourists taking a break. They give off a tropical island vibe, especially when you have tribal designs inked.

6. Girl Hand Tattoo 

This is a great design for girls who want to show their love for friends and family. The design is deeply personal and private and often comes with initials or names inside the hearts.

7. Cross Hand Tattoo

Cross hand tattoos are symbolic of the Christian faith and represent Jesus’s crucifixion. For Christians, a hand with a cross signifies one’s devotion to God and Jesus Christ.

8. Tattoo Rosary on Hand

A rosary tattoo on the hand means that the person is devoted to his or her faith. Prayers are traditionally an important part of the Christian faith so having this be a symbol on one’s body is significant. It can show that you take your religion seriously and want to keep Jesus close to your heart at all times.

9. Eye Hand Tattoo

An eye tattoo symbolizes enlightenment, truth and knowledge. In many cultures around the world tattooing has been a symbol of transformation. An eye tattoo on the hand has a special significance. It allows the wearer to express their ability to ‘see’ what others cannot.

10. Dragon Hand Tattoo

Dragons symbolize strength, courage, power and freedom. In Chinese culture, dragons are also symbols of luck and good health, so having it tattooed on your hand could suggest you carry these things with you at all times.

11. Hand Snake Tattoo

A snake tattoo on the hand symbolizes a desire to shed old skin and start anew. It is a reminder that each day provides an opportunity for change, and it signifies the shedding of past fears and limiting beliefs. Reminiscent of the snake’s scales, tattoos on the fingers are often done in multiples representing strength in numbers.

12. Wolf Hand Tattoo

The wolf has always been a symbol of loyalty, courage, intelligence, beauty and wildness. It represents power but also gracefulness. Getting a wolf tattoo on your hand  is a very personal decision and the design you choose reflects your personality. The designs can be colored or black and grey. If you want to give your tattoo such an individual appearance as it deserves, make sure to use different shades of gray for shading.

13. Lion Hand Tattoo

A highly stylized face of a lion that is placed on top of the hand is a top choice for many. It is usually placed at the inner side of the wrist and the outer side of the palm under the thumb. The lion represents strength, power, and dominance. It is a majestic creature and a lion tattoo demands a second look regardless of where it is placed on the body.

14. Joker Hand Tattoo

If you’re having trouble looking for the best tattoo that should go on your hand, pop culture hand-themed tattoos are always an excellent choice. The Joker’s toothy smile tattoo on his left hand is a great example of this.

15. Small Hand Tattoo

You can have a small tattoo inked on your hand and try it out before deciding if you want to move forward with something bigger or more detailed. For example, you can start with a simple Celtic knot and add flowers, leaves, or animals later on.

16. Knuckle Tattoos

This design spans the knuckle area of the fingers, and is accompanied by bright contrasting colors, or detailed line work. Knuckle tattoos can range from simple designs like a single line to more detailed and layered concepts. Since this is a highly visible placement, make sure to choose something that has special meaning to you and won’t fade with time.

17. Hamsa Hand Tattoo

The Hamsa hand tattoo is a symbol originating in the Middle East. It has both good and bad connotations, though it is typically known for its positive or protective meanings. The most common is with the eye in the palm of your hand. The placement makes this design even more unique because you see it every time you shake someone’s hand. Many people get this type of tattoo because it carries with it an association to their religious beliefs, while others enjoy how it looks.

18. Side of Hand Tattoo

The side of the hand is one of the most popular locations for tattoos because  of the graceful curve of the wrist and fingers. Because hands are used for daily activities, tattoos on this area should be simple in design with smooth lines and curved features. A tattoo placed on the outside of the hand is viewed as more feminine than one placed on other parts of the body like arms or chests because this location gives off subtle hints about the owner’s interests and personality.

19. Animal Hand Tattoo

This can be an animal’s paw print on the hand or cute animal designs on each finger. It can be done in black and gray or with bold, bright colors.  Animal designs are common in the world of hand tattoos. Some of the most popular include snakes, fish, pets like dogs and cats, or wild animals like elephants and lions. You can also have multiple paw prints to represent your love for animals, or if you’re a small business owner, choose an animal to match your product.

20. Flower Hand Tattoo

One of the most popular designs on the hands is a flower. Flowers, in particular roses, are often associated with love and romance, but they can also be a sign of friendship. Flower tattoos are usually done in vibrant colors, especially red.

A tattoo of a flower is very delicate and feminine, so it should be considered by all women who want to have something unique on their skin. Flowers also look great when they are mixed with other elements like geometric or tribal designs.

21. Japanese Hand Tattoo

A Japanese kanji tattoo conveys the wearer’s beliefs, philosophy, life experiences, etc. The type of characters used in the tattoos create a message or meaning, not just one single character.  The symbols are often written in black ink and have a thick to thin stroke, depending on the writing style from which they originated from. People choose to get kanji hand tattoos because of the personal significance of each word in their lives.

22. Elephant Hand Tattoo

This is usually tattooed at the palm or back of one’s hand.  The elephant tattoo is seen as a metaphor of power, courage and strength. It is believed to provide the wearer with extra protection. Elephant tattoos are perfect for women who love nature and animals. They can be drawn in full color or simple black ink.

23. Tattoo on Palm of Hand

The palm is considered the heart of your hand and is a great place to ink designs that represent what you believe in, are passionate about, or have been working hard to achieve. It’s a good place to ink something you want to constantly be reminded of,  like your faith, family, or love of cooking. If you already have a tattoo in the palm of your hand, getting an additional design is no problem at all.

24. Jesus Hand Tattoo

Faith-related tattoos are common and have to be subtle enough that you can show them in public without feeling uncomfortable. A great place for a Jesus tattoo is in the palm of your hand so that you feel his presence with you in everything you do.

25. Heart Hand Tattoo

Heart hand tattoos are done in black or grey to complement any color skin tone. The design can be simple, such as a small heart at the tip of your fingers, or an elaborate pattern that blends into the palm of your hand.

26. Name on Hand Tattoo

A name hand tattoo is a bold statement or declaration of love. Most people choose to ink their children’s names on the palms of their hands, but these can also be tattooed between your thumb and forefinger.

27. Small Rose Tattoo on Hand

A small rose tattoo with petals flowing to the fingers is a beautiful way to show how you feel about love and friendship. This style can be done in different sizes and colors but should remain as realistically sized as possible.

28. Scorpion Hand Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo in women symbolizes a fearlessness that’s more than just physical. She will fight for what she believes is right, no matter the odds or consequences. Some people also believe it represents vigilance and awareness as well as personal growth. The ink design on your hand can vary from small intricate designs with just one or two scorpions all the way up to large elaborate scenes.

29. Tiger Hand Tattoo

Women who choose the tiger hand tattoo have a strong sense of self as well as courage. The tiger is also passionate, powerful, and independent, traits held in high regard by those who choose this type of tattoo for themselves. The placement of the image can vary greatly from small wrist tattoos or a bigger piece at the back of your hand.

30. Bracelet Hand Tattoo

The bracelet hand tattoo is for the woman who understands that beauty comes from within and she knows how to bring it out. It’s also a symbol of feminine power and strength. A design like this can be worn on either the left or right hand, but always in an area where it can be seen easily such as the wrist or palm.

31. Tribal Hand Tattoo

Since tribal tattoos are often linked to different cultures, it’s a generally excellent tattoo choice if you’re looking to honor your heritage. When getting a tribal hand tattoo, it’s best to go all in and opt for intricate details, bold lines, and fierce storytelling. Overall, a tribal tattoo is often associated with rites of passage. However, always remember that different tribal patterns represent various meanings, so research before getting inked. After all, these historical designs are worth exploring.

32. Star Tattoo on Hand

Stars are another design for women who like something simple but pretty. This tattoo can include one, two, or three stars depending on the amount of space available on your hand. The spacing between the stars should not exceed that of a fingertip so that they form somewhat of a larger star when viewed from far away. If you choose to ink more than three, place them at various points on your palm beginning halfway down your arm and extending up toward the base of your thumb and pinky.

33. Mandala Hand Tattoo

The word mandala is a Sanskrit term that describes a circle, and most often in South Asian countries, it is seen as a spiritual and ritualistic symbol. Most commonly found in Hinduism and Buddhism, this design has been used for many centuries to represent unity and strength. A mandala hand tattoo is composed of circular shapes that are strategically placed together in order to create balance. It symbolizes the idea of coming together and uniting. It is a design that represents wholeness and completeness. It can be seen as an epicenter for personal power and dignity with the ability to strive toward purity, enlightenment, and peace of mind.

34. Medusa Hand Tattoo

There are several meanings behind the medusa hand tattoo, some good and some bad. The most common meaning is a reminder to not look back on things that have come and gone, especially bad relationships or negative experiences in life. Some also use it as a symbol of a new beginning or a chance of becoming reborn into something better.

35. Calligraphy or Graffiti Hand Tattoo

Calligraphy tattoo on the hand is an awesome way to express yourself through fancy text. The design can extend across all fingers or from the thumb to the wrist area. When you use calligraphy letters in your design, be sure to extend it outwards because the text will change in proportion depending on where you put it. You can accompany your calligraphy with beautiful art, for example, try adding it as an accent on top of other bold designs like flowers or animals.


Is getting a hand tattoo a bad idea?

Hand tattooing is a fine art, but many artists refuse to do hand tattoos. That’s because the area is one of the most sensitive and painful. Not to mention that hands have uneven surfaces, making tattooing them more difficult. 

How long can a hand tattoo last? 

Like any tattoo, a hand tattoo is still permanent. But the thing that doesn’t last long with hand tattoos is the design’s integrity. That’s because the skin on your hands is different from the rest. It is also exposed more than other body parts, so, expect some blurring at least within a year. But for colored hand tattoos, the hues will stay vivid for a while. 

How much does a hand tattoo cost? 

Tattoo shops and artists often charge per hour. The rate depends on the artist’s skill level, experience, exposure, and popularity. But generally, for hand tattoos, you can pay anywhere between $120 to $200 per hour. 

How painful is a hand tattoo?

Getting a tattoo anywhere on your hands will cause severe pain. That’s because the skin on your hands is thin and contains multiple nerve endings. For this reason, a tattoo needle can easily trigger pain in the hands.