If You Really Love Your Partner, You’ll Take Alone Time From Them

Alone time from your partner may seem like a counterproductive way of staying close but it actually shows the love you have for that person. It’s healthy to have your own life because having a good relationship with yourself makes you a better partner. Here’s why.

#1. Spending alone time gives you time and space to reconnect with yourself and the things you love doing…


#2. … Which makes you a better partner.


When you spend time doing the things you love and are good at, it makes you a happier, more content person. This makes you a better partner because you’re approaching the relationship from a position of giving, not needing. You don’t need the other person to make you happy. This means…

#3. … you’re not dependent.


You can survive and thrive on your own, but you’d rather live with the love and companionship of your partner. You’re not dependent on your partner materially or emotionally.

#4. Alone time lets you continue to grow as a person.


As you develop yourself, you’ll become more well rounded. Your partner already loves you but as you become more interesting, that admiration can only deepen. The relationship gets better as you reach your full potential. You’re happy, they’re enamoured. Life with you is always interesting.

#5. When you take time alone time, it gives your partner space.


When you take time for yourself, you’ll automatically give your partner more space. No one likes feeling trapped or suffocated. By giving your partner space, you’ll actually be drawing them closer.

#6. Couples who spend time apart spend more time together.


Sounds contradictory, but it makes sense if you think about it. Distance makes the heart grow fonder: when you or your partner go on a trip, how do you feel when you’re reunited? When you don’t spend a lot of time together, you end up appreciating those moments you do get together a whole lot more.

#7.  Alone time ensures your relationship won’t stagnate.


With all of the realizations and changes you’ll go through by hanging out with yourself, you prevent the relationship from getting stagnant. Spending a bit of time alone keeps the adventure going and the fire burning for one another.

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