Grandma Defends Herself By Strangling Bobcat To Death

A grandmother from Georgia was so hardcore that she defended herself from a bobcat with her bare hands.

Dede Phillips was outside her home while her 5-year-old-granddaughter was inside taking a nap. She was putting a bumper sticker on her truck that read: “Women who behave rarely make history.”

While she was putting on the sticker, she was suddenly attacked by a bobcat. As the animal tried to overpower Dede she recalls thinking, “I wasn’t dying today.”

She fought back hard. But the bobcat managed to cut some deep wounds and Dede’s body was badly bruised.

While she fought hard, the bobcat even broke some of her fingers. She fought for her life, and when she got her hands around the bobcat’s neck, she did not let go.

“I strangled it to death,” Dede said. She was relieved that she saved her own life as well as her granddaughter’s. But, she wasn’t out of the clear just yet.

She found out later on that the bobcat tested positive for rabies. Dede had to undergo treatments to prevent the deadly disease from developing within her body. But, her family set up a fundraiser which reached its goal of $30,000.

So many people have reached out to the brave grandma and donated to her cause.

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