Racist Woman Tells Asian American To “Have A Nice Trip Back To China”

An Asian-American man was at the airport when a woman told him a racist remark which he caught on camera.

Robert Ng was with his kids at the San Francisco airport when he moved into a different security line. A woman who thought Robert was cutting told him to “Have a nice trip back to China.”

The white woman said it to him in front of his kids. So took a video of the incident and asked the woman to repeat what she said to him.

In the video, the woman could be heard saying, “Please stop taking my picture. I’ll have to report you.” To which Robert replied with, “No, you just said something really racist to me. You did. So please repeat it, I know you’re proud of it.”

Robert then says, “I’m an American citizen, I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Born and raised. So please. Repeat what you just said. I never step foot in that country ever. So please say it.”

The woman then says, “I hope you have a nice trip back to China.”

Robert posted the video on Facebook where it got 1.2 million views and more than 17,000 shares. He then made a comment on his post which said, “Just made this post public for now to show the world that we are NOT in a post-racial America, even for Asian Americans.”

Incidents of racism have been increasing since the start of Donald Trump’s presidency. But those who have been victimized by these acts of racism are fighting back by taking videos and publicly shaming the people responsible for them.