Here’s Why New Parents In Finland Are Better Off Than You

Some countries are just more awesome at certain things. Take Finland.

The Finnish government gives all expecting and adoptive parents a “maternity package” to celebrate the arrival of their newest family member.

Each box contains different gender neutral items for the baby, including clothing, bedding, diapers, towels, and even toys. The box also comes with a small mattress so that it can be used as a crib.

The alternative to the baby box is a maternity cash grant of €140, though most new parents opt for the baby box.

The maternity grants were introduced way back in 1938, to counter Finland’s declining birth rates and high infant mortality. At first, they were only offered to families of low income, then in 1949 they were made available to everyone.

Regardless of background, income, religion or ethnicity, the maternity packages are given to all expecting mothers and have become an indispensable part of Finnish culture.

Who knew that a cardboard box would be the envy of new parents all over the world?

A requirement for obtaining a box or a grant is for mothers-to-be to visit their doctor or a municipal prenatal clinic. Because of these maternity packages, the infant morality rates in Finland have dropped rapidly. As the world’s best country to be a mother in, clearly, these maternity packages have worked wonders for the Finnish healthcare system.

Watch this video to learn more about the 75 year tradition.