Entrepreneur Earns £1,000 Per WEEK Selling Sweets… And He’s Only 11 Years Old

Don’t be fooled by his adorable baby face. Because this 11-year-old makes an eye-watering £1,000 every WEEK selling sweets, and has even opened a tea shop.

Young entrepreneur Henry Patterson started off his business selling manure when he was just 7 years old, then went on to set up an eBay store selling items he bought from charity shops.

Now he’s more into sweets, with his online shop doing so well that he decided to open an accompanying tea shop.

The baby-faced businessman has revealed that his products are now stocked by more than 70 different companies including Fenwick and Not on the High Street and that his company’s annual sales have gone past £65,000.

He’s now invested his own earnings and used £17,000 of grant funding to produce a children’s book and merchandise branding with characters from his tea shop.

But the Bedfordshire, UK, resident is not going on any wild spending sprees just yet. The only thing he’s bought himself is a puppy, with the remainder of the money going to launch his own YouTube children’s channel, NBTV.

Despite his young age, Henry has wise words for any budding businessmen out there: “My main advice is to start with having a stand at a car boot sale. You learn how to display, price, handle money and talk to customers. All the skills you need to know in the future.”

The question is, where does he find the time to do all his homework?

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