19 Side-Splitting Tweets From Your New Favorite Dad, Hamish Blake

Australian comedian, actor, and author, Hamish Blake, has recently been assigned his newest job: daddy extraordinaire. And he’s tagging us along every step of his journey with these priceless tweets.

1. Hamish and Sonny spend a lot of QT together, especially during rainy days.

2. They even have opinionated exchanges on their favorite actors.

3. Sonny assured him early on he was no fan of processed junk.

4. Either that, or his eyesight just refused to cooperate with food.

5. Nevertheless, Hamish kept trying desperately to get him on other addicting things.

6. Turns out Hamish can’t get Sonny to do his every bidding (so much for being Lord of the House).

7. Creativity is a requirement for parenting, especially if you have an intensely-worded musical taste.

8. Hamish initially had high hopes of being father to an athlete.

9. But it became apparent that he had to throw in the towel.

10. Buuuuut he still had a chance to raise a beer-guzzling champion.

11. Hamish discovered that babies had really low expectations for everything.

12. They did, however, constantly raise their t-shirt hemline.

13. Apparently, fatherhood is merely a training ground to a life of crime fighting.

14. … or a life suffering in severe agony. It could go either way.

15. Often, Sonny would expertly display his “baby bachelor” potential.

16. He could also beat his dad in any fashion contest, which has to count for something.

17. Sonny also asserted his independence when he moved out at the tender age of 20 months.

18. He didn’t rely on his father’s fame and had to work from the ground up.

19. But Sonny remained a baby when it came to some things, like his dreams being shattered.

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