10-Year-Old Boy Playing Hide-And-Seek Found Dead In Dryer

A 10-year-old boy from Houston, Texas, was found dead inside a clothes dryer while playing hide-and-seek.

Although the cause of death is not yet known, the boy’s mother identified him as third grader Fernando Hernandez Jr.


Paramedics tried to revive the child with CPR, and he was rushed to the hospital. He was later pronounced dead by doctors.

The police issued a statement regarding the incident, saying that several kids were playing hide-and-seek and “Nerf gun wars” throughout the family’s apartment complex.


Fernando’s 9-year-old younger brother was also playing with the same group of kids.

His mother said she saw her son alive and drinking water half an hour before he was found inside the laundry room of the apartment complex.

The police are still investigating the cause of death, but it is believed that it may have been an accident.

Doctors confirmed that there are no signs of foul play or trauma.