This Guy Just Used The Power Of GoPro To Make His Boring Desk Job Look Totally Awesome

The typical GoPro video usually gets your heart racing and has you squirming in your seat with scenes of near-inhuman feats of daring and breathtaking stunts. However, documentary filmmaker — and occasional office temp — Daniel Williams had a different idea.

“I started to think about GoPro’s commercials and how in all the commercials it’s people skydiving or rock climbing, etc. When in reality most of the people who own a GoPro have everyday, normal, boring lives,” he said.

So he sought to prove that one really doesn’t have to hurtle down a mountain or wrestle a bear to make a kick-ass GoPro video.

In fact, with mad editing skills and an intense soundtrack, anything can look cool — even what could possibly be the world’s most boring desk job.

In the video, our office hero proves that you can have a colorful life inside a cubicle…

…and enjoy your fair share of exhilarating activities.

The tension is palpable.

It can’t possibly get more intense than this.

“My worst fear was walking into the bathroom with a GoPro on my chest and seeing someone at the urinal, like WTF dude?” he wrote.

Okay, that’s definitely scarier than jumping off an airborne plane.

The good folks at GoPro have since given the video their seal of approval.

And the best part? Williams didn’t even have to deal with this guy.

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