Homeless Man Saves All Animals At A Burning Shelter

Several animals got out alive after a fire outbreak happened at an animal shelter in Southwest Atlanta, thanks to a homeless man who rushed in and got them out.

Keith Walker, 53, said he saw the smoke coming out of W-underdogs and jumped into action.

“The house was on fire, and all the dogs were in the house,” Walker said. 

“I just popped the door open, went in, and started letting the dogs out.”

He saved ten cats and six dogs from the fire, including his own, named Bravo.

The founder of the shelter, Gracie Hamlin, said she was racing over in a panic, saying “Animal control is talking to us on the phone and they’re saying he’s just rushing in getting one dog at a time.”

All of the animals eventually turned up.

Hamlin said she’d known Walker for a while, allowing his dog, Bravo, to stay at the shelter from time to time.

Walker told Fox 5 he knows how important those animals’ lives are.

“Hey, I love my dog, and my dog’s my best friend, for real,” Walker said. “If god wakes me up and I got my dog, I’m good.”

While the fire left the structure partially damaged, the shelter was already in the process of moving to another location. That’s where all the animals are now safe and sound.

Hamlin said they’re trying to figure out how to get Walker support as he fights his addiction issues.