After Serving A Quiet Couple, The Waitress Runs To Her Boss In Tears Over The Note They Left On Their Receipt

A waitress at Mac’s Grub Shak in Spring Hill, Tennessee, was going about a normal day at work when she got a heartwarming surprise.


Claire Hudson, the waitress at Mac’s Grub Shak, noticed a couple sitting in her section. They ordered hot dogs, a couple of beers, and a hamburger.

When they left, Claire noticed that the couple left behind a $26 tip on a $29.40 bill. But that wasn’t even the best part.

On the back of the receipt was a handwritten note.


“Today is my brother’s b-day. He would have been 36 today. Every year I go eat his favorite meal (hot dogs) and tip the waitress his age. Happy B-Day, Wes,” the note read.

The father and son duo who own and operate Mac’s Grub Shak said that Claire rain into their office crying and gave them the receipt.

When Michael, the son, read the note, he broke down.

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