It Looks Like Just Another House For Sale. But Wait Until You See What’s In The Back.

When we encountered this story about a Birmingham house for sale, we immediately thought it couldn’t possibly be anything special. And as we were looking through the photos, it seemed our suspicions were confirmed – it looked like just another cosy semi-detached property.

But once we reached the last few photos, the ‘aha’ moment hit us. We then realised why this was rightly one of the most shared and talked about stories in the past month.

See why for yourself, with these images courtesy of…





As you can see, it looks lovely, so what’s the big fuss!

Wait… what’s that in the back?


Is that a… a pub?


IT IS! It’s a pub! They have a pub in their back garden! LOL.


If we’re not mistaken, this looks like a shed that’s been given the interior designer treatment. From the pictures alone it looks very authentic, complete with spotlights, barstools and bar shelves.


It even has a dartboard and pool table.



Now for the sad news… the property has been sold! And at £249,950, we’d say it’s a pretty good deal 🙂

We wish the new owners lots of happiness in their lovely new home. 4 lovely bedrooms, a conservatory and a garden pub, what more could you ask for?