How To Have Good Sex: An Infographic Visual Guide

All the essentials you need to know before, during, and after having sex. Click on the topics below to jump into a specific section. Or read through everything to learn what you could be doing better in bed.


It’s important that you’re 100% sure that the person you intend to have sex with is happy and willing. Non-consensual sex is against the law and creates lasting emotional damage. Good sex can only happen between fully consenting adults.

1. Understanding what consent is and what it is NOT

2. For respecting rules and boundaries

3. For catcalling women (summary: Don’t do it.)


Learn how to take care of yourself and you’ll be better at taking care of others.

4. How to love yourself

5. Variations of an intimate relationship

6. Most likely ways of hurting your junk

Getting into the mood

These mood boosters will help you start things right.

7. All the kisses you need to know

8. The spots that make it hot

9. The food to get you into the mood

10. The beat you need to turn up the heat

11. Making your bed

Getting it on Better

Make good sex happen any day of the week.

12. Essential yoga poses

13. Not letting pregnancy get in the way

14. Giving yourself a hand

15. Who says love can only be made when you’re in bed?


Getting cozier in bed after having sex.

16. The right way to do those doze pose

17. Deciding whether to take a post-sex selfie

How to NOT get pregnant

Tour ultimate guide when having a baby is not part of your plan.

19. The ultimate guide to preventing surprises

20. The right way of using condoms

21. More reasons to use protection

22. Where you SHOULDN’T store condoms

23. Plan B in case the condom breaks or just doesn’t do the job

24. For more barriers

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