10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mom

Every person’s relationship with their mother is different. Some are very close, while others are less involved in each other’s lives. Regardless of how much you currently see your mom or interact with her, there are always ways to improve upon the time you spend together and strengthen the bond that already exists between you two. Here are some tips on how to improve your relationship with your mother:

1. Make time for each other and be flexible about it

Similar to any other relationships in life, the more time you spend together with one another, the closer you become with that person. For mothers and their daughters, this is especially true as they typically share a bond unlike many others. You should hang out with your mom every so often and try to spend at least one day together per week. Pick something sweet and simple to do together, such as going for a walk or catching up over dinner.

2. Take her out

Take your mother out at least once a month for a lunch or dinner date. Pick somewhere nice and don’t be afraid to treat your mom.

3. Surprise her

If you have a busy life, it is easy to become wrapped up in your own plans and neglect the plans you’ve made with your mother. However, doing this can make your mom feel as if she isn’t a priority in your life and thus negatively impact the relationship you two share. To avoid making this mistake, try surprising your mom with a visit instead of informing her of when you plan to see each other. You can even ask her what she’s doing that day and then show up at that location unexpectedly.

4. Do something active together

Both you and your mom are probably very busy with work, school, extracurricular activities, and other commitments. If you can’t find time to spend with her during the day, try organizing an activity together at night such as going out for a run or attending one of your favorite sports team’s games.

5. Don’t talk bad about each other

It goes without saying that you should never speak negatively about your mother to others, but it is especially important not to speak poorly of her to other people when your mom is also present. Always be respectful and don’t say anything that you wouldn’t want your mom to hear.

6. Be open with each other

When it comes to the relationship you have with your mother, communication is key. You should always keep her up-to-date with what’s going on in your life and vice versa. This can be done through the occasional phone call, email, text message, or simply talking to each other at dinner one night.

7. Give her advice when she asks for it

Chances are that your mom will ask for your opinion about something such as a new outfit or hairstyle at least once. Take the opportunity to give her your honest opinion – she will appreciate it.

8. Spend time with other family members

Remember that your mom isn’t the only family member in your life that you should prioritize spending time with. Make time for other members of your family as well, such as your dad or siblings. This will have a positive spillover effect for your relationship with your mom as well as the relationships you share with others.

9. Come to her with problems

No one knows you better than your mom and she may be able to offer advice on how to fix a problem that has been plaguing you. Never be afraid to come to her for help because she will likely be more than willing to listen.

10. Be there for her

Sometimes, family members will struggle with difficult things that are happening in their personal lives such as a death in the family or an illness diagnosis. When these types of events occur, being there for your mother is incredibly important and can often be the difference between having a strong or weak relationship with her. Be there for your mom when she needs you the most and you will likely see that your bond is strengthened as a result of it.

Final Thoughts

Spending time with your mom on a regular basis will help to strengthen your relationship with her. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – just something simple can have a big impact. Remember that your mom isn’t just your mom, she is also the closest friend you can have.