How Weighted Blankets Are Helping People With Anxiety

I’ve read somewhere that anxiety kind of feels like when your chair tips back and you almost fall but catch yourself—that sensation of a mini heart attack, but lasting several hours and for seemingly no reason.

You can probably imagine just how awful it must be to walk through life feeling something like that all the time. And if you were in the same predicament, wouldn’t you try to do everything you could to make yourself feel better?

Proponents of weighted blankets are excited about the resurgence of this product for exactly this reason: it allows patients with anxiety and stress disorders to exercise self-care frequently, and with almost instantaneous results.

While there are numerous medications available for those who suffer from anxiety disorders, having a non-invasive, completely safe solution with zero side effects is definitely a good option to have.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are like the sumo wrestler cousins of your regular duvet.

They usually weigh between 15 to 25 pounds, and are typically filled with either stones, glass beads, or more recently, polypellets. For those unfortunate enough to be hounded by issues such as anxiety, insomnia, or autism, weighted blankets are a safe alternative to medication. They can also be used in conjunction with existing therapies in order to provide better and faster results.

The Science Of Why Weighted Blankets Work For Anxiety

The underlying science behind weighted blankets lies in DTP, or Deep Touch Pressure. It’s a gentle, distributed pressure on the body that is proven to have a calming effect and is intended to increase activity in the parasympathetic division, and lower activity in the sympathetic division of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). DTP is often provided by firm holding, firm stroking, cuddling, hugging, and squeezing.

DTP has also been shown to increase our body’s serotonin levels, which is a chemical that helps regulate mood and provides a calming effect. This hormone helps make us more agreeable and sociable. Lack of it can cause irritability and depression.

In addition, a previous study on patients undergoing dental procedures showed that weighted blankets help to decrease activity in the nervous system.

Weighted blankets have also been known to be helpful to those suffering from insomnia, as the weight of the blanket restricts movement and serves as a “cocoon” that wraps around the body, lulling the user to sleep. Weighted blanket users often describe the initial sensation of the weighted blanket as a ‘hug’.

If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety or insomnia, consider trying one of the top rated Weighted blankets on Amazon. You can get a great blanket for less than $50.