7 Ways To Prepare For (And Survive) Hurricanes

Hurricanes have become more regular and intense in the past years. With this in mind, it is never a bad idea to be ready for it, even before hurricane season comes along. Here are some easy ways to prepare yourself and your family from a potential natural disaster.

1. Create an evacuation plan.


Evacuation plans are essential no matter where you live. If you’re by a coastal area or below sea level, you will need to devise a solid plan in case of a storm surge. Be familiar with your nearest evacuation area, and how to get there. Test your plan in good weather and inform adults in your family of specific tasks they need to do. Preparing a checklist can save you the trouble of being too anxious when a hurricane hits.

2. Reinforce any structural issues around your home.


Repair and reinforce any structural issues around your home as soon as you hear news of a hurricane coming. Trim trees and remove any plants in your area that could uproot or get blown away by strong winds. Patio furniture and gardening tools lying outside the house should be kept inside too.

3. Stay updated.


Stay updated on emergency alerts by watching the news or constantly checking your inbox. Most areas will send information blasts, either through text or email, on which roads to avoid or if there is a need for immediate evacuation. Take every alert you receive from the proper authorities seriously.

4. Stock up on essentials.


If you have been advised to stay indoors or move to a temporary evacuation area, have an emergency kit ready. Your emergency kit should have enough sustenance for you and your family that will last three days, at the very least. Listed below are some materials that should be in your kit:

  • Cash
  • Food
  • Water
  • Medications
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Power Bank
  • Batteries
  • Battery-powered Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Maps

5. Review your insurance policies.


It is smart to re-visit your home insurance policy to confirm if it covers floods or not. In areas that are hurricane-prone, insuring a home may be pricy, but it is better to be safe than sorry when a hurricane knocks on your door.

6. Keep copies of important documents safe.


Crucial paperwork should be in waterproof cases. This includes birth certificates, passports, social security cards, plus insurance and medical coverage papers. If you’re ever forced to evacuate, you will need the proper documents to prove your identity and home ownership.

7. Keep your pets in mind.


Sadly, one of the last things that homeowners think about during a natural disaster is the well-being of their pets. If you are unable to care for them during a hurricane or any other weather emergency, drop them off at an animal shelter rather than leaving them behind.