‘I Am a Recovering Alcoholic’: Anthony Hopkins Marks Huge Sobriety Milestone

Legendary Hollywood star Anthony Hopkins took to Twitter on Thursday to celebrate 47 years of sobriety and share his inspiring story of recovering from alcoholism.

In a video post, the 84-year-old actor talked about his own battle with addiction and offered words of encouragement to those currently struggling, encouraging them to seek help.

“I’m celebrating 47 years today of sobriety,” Hopkins explained. “But this is a message not meant to be heavy, but I hope helpful. I am a recovering alcoholic. And to you out there — I know there are people struggling. In this day and age of cancel and hatred and non-compromise, children being bullied, I say … be kind to yourself. Be kind. Stay out of the circle of toxicity with people, if they offend you. Live your life. Be proud of your life.”

Anthony Hopkins, star of “Red Dragon” and “Silence of the Lambs,” recently spoke about his experience with addiction and mental health. He recounted his story of 47 years ago when he found himself in a desperate and despairing situation, not knowing that his condition was in fact alcoholism or addiction.

He admitted that it wasn’t until he acknowledged that something was wrong that his life changed for the better. Through sobriety, he found a life where no one bullies him. Hopkins directed his message to young people, urging them not to listen to those who put them down and encouraging them to seek help if they need it.

He said, “Life is tough, but talk to someone if you need help with any addiction or problem.”

Sir Anthony Hopkins, an Oscar-winning actor, has previously discussed his “wake-up call” at the age of 37 in 1975. T

wo years ago, he shared an Instagram video discussing the moment he felt he was “heading for disaster” and “drinking himself to death” when a little voice asked him if he wanted to live or die. Choosing life, he called the time since then “amazing”.

“You young people, don’t give up, just keep in there, just keep fighting,” he concluded the video. “Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.”