These 24 Tweets Perfectly Sum Up The Reality Of Married Life

People have been taking to Twitter and sharing all the joys of married life via the hashtag #MarriedPeopleIssues. It turns out marital bliss isn’t all hand holding and roses, but pimple popping and, er, farting.

#1. Spending time alone, together.

#2. Falling for that classic trick.

#3. And the endless “I don’t mind”s that follow.

#4. Because you know it’s you.

#5. True love is just being able to find your stuff.

#6. Supporting each other at all times.

#7. “Oh go on, it won’t hurt.”

#8. It shows you’re comfortable with each other, right?

#9. And they wave it in your face to tempt you.

#10. The joy of shared responsibilities.

#11. Up until then, you’d just been wearing it straight off the line.

#12. Until opening the underwear drawer is like those snake-in-a-can gags.

#13. What’s yours is mine, dearest.

#14. Leave Courtney alone.

#15. You’re not even trying, are you? Sweetest angel pie?

#16. Goodbye cozy warm place. Hello cold, wet, sad bum.

#17. Outside is so far away.

#18. So annoying — until you realize they’re mostly your own.

#19. And even then you hope they’ll turn up at some point with milk and bread.

#20. Why don’t you need to sleep?!

#21. “In the same zip code as the dishwasher” doesn’t count.

#22. Creating beautiful memories together <3

#23. Share everything. Even saliva.

But isn’t it nice to have someone to share all of these moments with?

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