Ikea Turns Kids’ Crazy Animal Drawings Into Actual Stuffed Toys

Kids have pretty crazy imaginations, and furniture store IKEA has harnessed the power to create 10 bizarre yet awesome cuddly toys, based on the drawings of 10 children.

Ikea’s annual Soft Toys for Education campaign asks kids to submit their weird and wonderful animal creations for a chance for it to be made into a plush toy. $1 from every sale of one of the cuddly toys goes to the charities Save the Children and UNICEF. IKEA started the charity effort way back in 2003 and since then has raised over $90 million for kids all around the globe

Check out this year’s winning submissions below:

This Comrade Dinosaur who gave his arms for the cause.

The freakasorous who struggles to make any friends.

This bat who has his wings back to front.

“I don’t have a big head, it’s just hair.”

This monster has a serious case of underbite.

This teething blob who is just happy to be alive.

This noseless skunk who doesn’t know why people avoid him.

“I ate too much… again.”

This linear tiger can’t walk properly and doesn’t understand why.

Her mom was a giraffe and her dad was a duck. Her grandparents were flamingos. Don’t ask.

Watch the video below for more info on this fantastic initiative.

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