When A Kind Stranger Took This Disabled Boy Ice Skating For The First Time, He Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Nicco de Luca is wheelchair-bound as a result of a physical disability so, when his family had planned a festive trip to an ice rink, they weren’t sure if Nicco would be able to experience the ice.


While the rest of the family prepared to skate on the rink, Nicco’s dad Doug planned to watch from the sidelines with Nicco, as it seemed impossible for his son to join in the fun.


Until a stranger, who’d noticed Nicco’s excitement and didn’t think he should be left out, approached the family and offered to help Nicco get onto the ice.

She called on an ice rink employee, Chris, who had volunteered to take Nicco safely onto the ice in his wheelchair. And Nicco was over the moon.

“Chris took Nicco around and around,” said Doug, “You can see the joy in our son’s face and in his laughter.”

“It’s not often we see this type of compassion towards out son, and it touched us very deeply.”


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