This “Titanic” Fan Theory Will Change The Way You See The Movie

The life span for fan theories are relatively short: you hear them out for a few minutes, decide they’re complete rubbish, and promptly pop your earphones back in.

One fan theory for the highly-popular movie Titanic that’s making rounds on the internet is definitely NOT of that variety.

According to a Facebook post by a conspiracy theorist/film savant named “Matt,” Jack Dawson was actually a time traveler.

And he went back in time to save Rose from taking her own life, altering the timeline.

“If Rose jumped to her demise then the ship would have stopped to look for her,” Matt says, “The temporary delay would lead to warmer weather and the Titanic would have never hit the iceberg.”

He says that the reason why Jack spends so much time with Rose is so that he could ensure her survival.

We won’t give you time to pick up your cerebral matter from the floor, because this is only the first part of the headcanon. Matt continues to back up his theory by giving several inaccuracies relating to Jack’s character in the movie:

1. Jack mentions fishing at Lake Wissota, in Chippewa Falls, which is a man-made lake created in 1917. That’s 5 years after the Titanic sank.

2. He claims he’ll take Rose on a roller-coaster on the Santa Monica Pier which wouldn’t be built until 1916. How else would Jack have knowledge of these future places?

3. He doesn’t have any currency in this time period so he has to gamble in order to get the ticket to the ship in the first place.

4. His haircut seemed completely out of place for the era, furthermore that rucksack wasn’t common until the late ‘30s.

The movie’s director, James Cameron, is also known for another movie called The Terminator. And yes, you guessed it, it’s also about time travel.

Does this mean that Titanic is the prequel to Terminator, and is Rose actually Sarah Connor’s grandmother? Ok, I kid, I kid.

But seriously, do you think this guy’s theory checks out? Or was this an unfortunate mishap from not doing proper historical research? Looks like James Cameron has a lot of explaining to do.