Instagram Model Caught On CCTV Beating Dog

An Instagram model was arrested after CCTV footage of her beating up her dog in an elevator surfaced.

Keevonna C’Ante Wilson, 24, was seen beating up her Shih-Tzu puppy Chastity in an elevator after taking her out for a walk. The model who goes by the handle @themissingkeee on instagram has over 40,000 followers but her account has been taken down since the incident.

The video footage shows the two entering the elevator of the Artech condominium in Miami where she corners Chastity and starts stepping on the puppy violently.

After she was done kicking and stomping on the puppy, she exits the elevator with a confused and scared Chastity following behind.

The puppy has been taken into safe custody by the Miami-Dade Animal Services and has been assessed by a vet to see the gravity of her injuries. Chastity was found to have bilateral contusions in the abdominal area and pain upon palpation of her lumbar spine and abdomen.

Chastity was taken into a foster home. Wilson was released after posting a $5000 bond.

Twitter users have shared their thoughts on the incident and have expressed that Wilson got what she deserved.

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