Instead Of School Work, Student Accidentally Emailed His Teacher A Photo Of A Sneezing Cat

This is Twitter user @BBMBennett, who goes by the name Alex Sparrow.

Twitter: @BBMBennett

And unfortunately for him, he’s living every modern-day student’s worst nightmare: he emailed his teacher the wrong attachment to his school work.

I can just imagine the panic attack that ensued after he realized his grievous mistake.


Only thing is, he chose the best photo to send by accident:

(Yes, that’s a cat sneezing. No, we did not know they were capable of making that face.)

Naturally, Twitterverse started collectively freaking out.

But their anxiety was nowhere near as bad as Alex’s, apparently.

With all that suspense, Alex tweeted out a cryptic update.

Resubmit what? Has the teacher responded? Did you mean resubmit the cat photo with higher resolution? We need details!

But then someone called it:

Thankfully, his teacher had the same idea!

Maybe the cat could also attend your graduation as an honorary student. Just a thought.

Of course, leave it to Twitter to ask the important questions.

We were all wondering the same thing, @proclubdon.