Iowa Store Clerk Refuses To Sell A Woman Tampons Because They’re “Gross”

Anyone with a functioning uterus can agree that menstrual periods are an unfortunate but unavoidable discomfort. And although it sucks for the most part, the monthly experience can be improved with easily available feminine hygiene products, pain killers and a little compassion.

Only in rare cases does a woman get nothing.


Mary Epworth, a UK-based singer/songwriter, was on tour in Iowa with the rest of the cast of Welcome to Night Vale. When they made a pit stop at a gas station, she went to get herself some tampons. But when she tried to pay for her purchase, the male store clerk took one look at the box and said: “I can’t sell these.”

Why? He “just thinks it’s gross”.

The clerk — apparently either hemophobic, a misogynist, or both — went to fetch a middle-aged woman to ring up Epworth’s purchase instead. “She looked me in the eye like she knew it was ridiculous,” Epworth said. It also seemed evident that this was not unusual and might have happened several times before.

Epworth put up a good fight: “I sort of argued with him a bit, and told him this happens to everyone.”

“He said ‘I don’t care. I wouldn’t even have them in my bathroom.'”

Jeffrey Cranor, one of Epworth’s companions that day, saw what happened and sternly reprimanded the clerk, who looked young and in his early twenties.

When Epworth and Cranor tweeted about the incident, hilarity ensued.

There were also many concerned tweets from people who couldn’t believe what happened.

I mean, really? In this day and age?

But thankfully, we are reminded that not all Y-chromosomed store clerks share the same outlook.

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