The British Army Is Playing Bollywood Music To Freak ISIS Out, Apparently

The British Special Forces in Libya have been trying out a weird new tactic of playing Bollywood music at so-called Islamic State fighters — and it’s said to be working well.

The idea came from a Pakistani intelligence officer who suggested Bollywood music, considered “un-Islamic” by the extremists, would really annoy them.


The UK forces tried it out in Libya, where British troops are training Libyan forces, by leaving two cars in the town of Sirte and blaring Bollywood songs at dawn using remote controls and speakers.

They’ve also intercepted ISIS’ communications and played Bollywood tunes to disrupt internal messages and drive the terrorists mad.


These experiments have reportedly worked well, revealing ISIS hideout locations and weaknesses, based on how long it took militants to reach the source of the music and how ISIS fighters complained about the music.

“We needed to unnerve militants and at the same time use some sort of passive measure to gauge their force strength in the area we are working in and it went well,” said a source.


What a brilliantly bizarre idea.