Family Realizes Dog Is Actually Bear When It Starts To Walk On Hind Legs

A Chinese family got the surprise of their life when their pet started walking on its hind legs.

Su Yun, a resident from Kunming in the Yunnan province of China, bought a dog while on vacation two years ago.

At that time, she believed that the dog was a Tibetan Mastiff, which was known to be a common breed raised by villagers in the Yunnan province. When Su Yun brought the dog back home, her family was surprised to see how massive it was.

The dog was reportedly able to finish a whole box of fruit and consume two buckets of noodles a day.

They started to wonder whether the dog was really what it was until it reached a staggering 250 pounds and started walking on its hind legs.

They realized that the Tibetan Mastiff Su Yun had bought was actually an Asiatic black bear.

Su Yun had brought the “dog” home thinking that it was alright to purchase the animal despite not having formal papers or documentation. This is a common problem in different provinces in China where sellers breed bears and sell them to the unknowing public as another species because they do not have the formal documentation to attest that the animal is what it is.

Su Yun also found out that domesticating wild animals was an illegal act, so she called up the authorities to retrieve the black bear.

A preliminary inspection of the bear was done to check whether it was in good health. It grew to a height of 1 meter and weighed almost 440 pounds. The animal was tranquilized and brought to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center for observation.

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