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Transgender Man Shares Incredible Before And After Photos, Reveals Loss Of Family And Friends Through Process

21-year-old Jaimie Wilson from Florida made a brave decision back in 2015.

Jaimie decided to start his journey of transitioning from female to male, which shocked and alienated most of his friends and family.

“At first I was scared to come out as transgender because I didn’t give any ‘signs,’ as people say,” Jaimie shared on Instagram with his 300,000 followers.

I'm very thankful for the support you all have shown me with my music. I don't always talk about it, but music has been a journey of its own for me. I started writing and performing from the time I was little. Before my transition I had big opportunities happening for me with my music. I had a decision to make…Be myself and lose all my music opportunities, or keep living the life my family wanted of me and get to further my music career. I ultimately chose to be myself. Which did have its consequences. I lost my voice for months because of hormone replacement, I could not sing at all for what felt like forever. I felt like I was being punished for being myself. One day I picked up guitar and started to write again. That's when I realized music never failed me. Music never ran away when times got shitty or gave up on me, so why should I give up on it? I began to practice and finally found my voice. I never thought I would get another shot with my music, but so many amazing things are happening and I couldn't be more grateful. So I want this to be my way of sending out a message that if you're ever faced with the decision to be YOU or be someone that other people want you to be…always chose to be yourself. You may not realize it now, but the struggle is worth it and you will end up in places you never imagined. You all make my dreams come true and make this all possible so THANK YOU ?? #trans #transmen #transman #transgender #transisbeautiful #blueeyes #headshot #ftm #femaletomale #lgbt #lovewins #loveislove #nohate #dream #instadaily #progress #transformationtuesday #queer #instagood #bodypositive #gay #selfmademan #instaselfie #instahub #instagay #selflove #goals #loveyourself #pride

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After 2 years of testosterone treatment, therapy, surgery, and hard work at the gym, Jaimie sculpted himself into the man he’s always wanted to be.

DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. I am posting this picture to show that not everyone has to show "signs" to be transgender. You don't have to pass a test to prove you're trans…and you sure as hell don't need ANYONES approval but your own. This life is about finding yourself and becoming YOU. No one's journey is the same…so stop comparing yourself to others. When I came out people refused to believe I was a man because of how "Feminine" I presented for 18 years. So why am I posting this comparison? Because I want people to see it doesn't matter what some LOOKS like…if someone has the guts to tell you "I'm transgender" "I'm gay" "I'm bisexual" anything like that PLEASE BELIEVE them and be there for them because stereotypes need to be broken. #ftm #transman #transgender #transguy #transisbeautiful #trans #femaletomale #lgbtpride #polysexual #saga #genderfluid #queer #bisexual #noh8 #lgbt #gay #lesbian #loveislove #transformation #pride #blueeyes #beforeandafter #transpride #selflove #bodypositivity #loveyourself #vitamint #progress

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Jaimie shared that people from his previous life have chastised him for being ‘too feminine’ to become a man.

Ironically, his new friends within the transgender community have criticized him for being ‘too masculine.’

“People say that I’m trying too hard to be like a cisgendered male,” Jaimie said.

He continued, “You are NOT who people think you are, you are who you know you are.”

The aspiring country musician is scheduled to perform at Sziget Festival in Budapest this August, alongside The Chainsmokers, P!nk, and Wiz Khalifa.

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