This Site Is Teaching Kids The Awesome Skills That Schools Won’t

When it comes to creativity, kids are experts at it. Now there’s a site that encourages them to let their imagination run wild.

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Developed by DIY Co., an education startup, JAM is an online learning platform for kids ages 8 to 14. They offer creative courses that traditional schools just don’t teach.

For now, JAM offers online classes for aspiring young chefs, singers, inventors, illustrators, and animators.

Each course takes about a year to complete and can cost anywhere up to $99 with a free 7-day trial period.

Their animation course, made possible with Cartoon Network, is free of charge.

Cartoon Network president Christina Miller said that exceptional works from animation students will be shown on their other online properties and even live on air.

Miller said, “Coding is as much about the art class of the future as it is about scientists and engineers. We want to make sure we raise up the next generation of animators, and inspire kids. We reached out to DIY because we like what they are doing around the community.”

Since 2012, JAM and DIY Co. have helped over 400,000 kids develop skills, creativity, and confidence in their specified craft.

Through their site and mobile app, JAM is helping kids (and parents!) turn screen time into learning time.

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