A Janitor Spent 7 Years Creating This… Just Wait Until You See What It Is

When we think of janitors or custodial staff, we generally imagine them doing normal janitorial things, like cleaning up after bratty school kids, sweeping, and general maintenance work. But not this janitor. Thirty years ago this man created one of the most unbelievably complex mazes the world has ever seen. It took him over seven years to hand draw every tiny detail, and it’s absolutely incredible.

The maze is a whopping 34 inches long by 23.3 inches wide


Every single line is drawn entirely by hand


It is almost impossible to imagine someone having the kind of mind that produces such an intricate, highly specialized design


Everyone is dying to know who the man is, but he refuses to come out to the public


To this day, no one has been able to solve the maze

Source: Kya7y’s

Genius emerges from the most unlikely places. Who knows what kind of intelligence is hiding behind the eyes of someone many of us may typically take for granted. That’s a humbling thing to think about.