Japanese Artist’s Incredibly Detailed Balloon Animals Will Blow You Away

If there’s one thing we should thank the internet for, it’s for showing us that beautiful art can be achieved with any medium, such as this Japanese artist’s balloons.

Masayoshi Matsumoto is obviously not your kiddie party-type balloon twister.

His animal balloons are so detailed they look almost realistic.

But possibly the most amazing thing is that he creates these balloon sculptures without the help of adhesives or markers.

Aside from animals, he also creates stunning depictions of anime and video game characters.

He does use markers on these, but very sparingly.

It’s impossible not to be impressed.

We don’t know about you, but we will never look at balloon poodles the same way ever again.

Check out Matsumoto on Tumblr and Twitter for more amazing animal and character balloons.

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