Japanese Artists Compete To See Who Can Make The Best Truck Garden And The Results Are Magical

Japan’s annual Kei Truck Garden Contest was recently held. Every year, landscapers from across the country bring their flatbed trucks together to create amazing and whimsical little gardens right in the back of their vehicles.

These little pieces of mobile beauty incorporate different forms of design — from traditional Japanese gardens to more modern elements — it’s an incredible use of an unexpected space.

1. This outdoor mobile garden restaurant.

2. This garden with an aquarium.

3. This truck garden complete with lighting, goldfish ponds, and glass tiling.

4. This garden with a bench and a view.

5. This mobile garden with a fireplace.

6. This fresh garden with a coffee bench.

7. This minimalistic truck garden.

8. This wine garden.

9. This garden with a waterfall within a cave.

10. This tiny dwarf house garden.

11. This beautiful spot for meditating.

12. This rocky mountain garden.

13. This chess-pattern pebble garden.

14. This garden with a bamboo waterfall and a patterned bamboo wall.

15. This Japanese garden that would make any tiny home perfect.

16. This rock cascade waterfall garden.

17. This traditional Bonsai garden.

18. This stunning romantic garden.

19. This minimal garden with drinks for two.

20. This secret Japanese garden.