Pissing Statue Becomes A Symbol Of Belgium’s Attitude To Terrorism

A quirky statue found in Brussels that has long been photographed by tourists has now become a symbol of defiance in the wake of this morning’s terror attacks in the Belgian capital.

The Manneken Pis has always drawn laughs as it’s a statue of a little boy urinating into a fountain.

But now artists around the world are turning Manneken Pis into a symbol of defiance in the face of terror.

#prayforbruxelles #jesuisbruxelles #mannekenpis #bruxelles#prayforbrussels ?????

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And you can guess who he tends to be urinating on in the artwork.

While some are just taking the, er, piss, like this guy asking, “Is a quiet piss too much to ask for?”

Mon coeur est à Bruxelles

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The images are appearing on Twitter with the supportive hashtag #JeSuisBruxelles.

And sometimes the cheeky naked statue isn’t urinating at all, just proudly waving his country’s flag.

Todos somos #Bruselas #JesuisBruxelles #Jesuisbelge

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“I’ll piss on your bombs.”

Who knew a weird statue could have so much power?

And there’s some clever play on words happening, too.


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This Instagrammer writes, “Enough! You’ll never take away our freedom.”

You can see more on Twitter by following #JeSuisBruxelles.

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