Jimmy Kimmel Renews ABC Deal, Looks Forward to ‘Quiet Quitting’

Jimmy Kimmel will be on for at least three more years.

Kimmel inked a three-year contract deal with ABC on Tuesday, keeping his position as host and executive producer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

In January, the program will celebrate its 20th season, and the late-night host jokingly said he’ll celebrate on cruise control.

“After two decades at ABC, I am now looking forward to three years of what they call ‘quiet quitting,’” Kimmel said in an announcement.

“Not only has he entertained our audiences night after night with his sharp comedy, dynamic interviews and irreverent humor, but he has gotten us through some of the most momentous events in our history with optimism and heart,” Craig Erwich president, ABC Entertainment, Hulu & Disney Branded Television Streaming Originals, said.

The deal for Kimmel was supposed to end in 2023. He admitted to considering leaving the program earlier.

“I have moments where I go, ‘I cannot do this anymore.’ And I have moments where I go, ‘What am I gonna do with my life if I’m not doing this anymore?’ It’s a very complicated thing. And there are practical considerations, and there are family and friend considerations and coworker considerations,” Kimmel said. “Eventually, I am going to have to stop doing this. I’m not going to do this forever.”

So, if not always, then at least for the near future.

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