20 Pictures Of Dogs Doing Cute Things To Instantly Brighten Your Day

With luck and perfect timing, dogs doing the most random, cutest things are captured on camera.

1. This dog can really hold his liquor.

2. While this one just checked one item off his bucket list.

3. This dog is pushing fashion boundaries.

4. While these two prove that dogs are huggers.

5. And are ready to give one to anybody who needs it.

6. Dogs can sometimes have a wicked sense of humor.

7. And feel the fear of being replaced, too.

8. But still show their loyalty even in the most dire of situations.

9. They make the best shopping buddy.

10. And the most sociable dinner party guest.

11. They hustle and chase that money.

12. And chase the light just as seriously.

13. They always have places they need to be.

14. And school is definitely high on that list.

15. Some dogs have their friend’s face tattooed on their back.

16. And travel by air just to see them.

17. Some dogs tease you when you do the duck lips.

18. But they never question your taste in music.

19. They bear the gate to inner realms and higher consciousness.

20. But know that when all else fails, humor is the best way to get your attention.

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