Best Coronavirus Face Masks For Kids [2022]

The world is rushing to nearby drugstores, pharmacies, and supermarkets to hunt for face masks. A pandemic is the last thing our generation would have thought of facing. Evidently, it’s getting difficult to get hold of reliable safety measures right now. With the rapid spread of news online, kids and adults alike are confused about a lot of things. But one thing is for certain, one of the most popular safety precautions you can take is the use of a face mask.

Now mind you, there are a variety of face masks currently in use worldwide. The infamous N95 masks are heavy-duty surgical masks that aren’t meant for everybody’s use. Especially if you’ve wanted to buy a face mask for kids, the N95 series is unnecessary for them.

On the other hand, a face mask for children is quite essential, especially for those under 5. If your child is suffering from chronic diseases or other respiratory conditions, you must take notice of their health. The novel Coronavirus spreads tremendously fast. Unlike adults, children have a deficient immune system and cannot maintain their hygiene actively.

Given this problem, parents are in a fix about their children’s health during coronavirus. Children need to maintain their daily exercise, carry out chores, and get enough sunlight and fresh air, too. Trapping your kids inside and forcing them to wear big, bulky face masks can agitate them.

Children aren’t used to staying indoors for long, so it’s better to allow them to go outside, with proper safety equipment. As for a children’s face mask for preventing coronavirus, there are many companies that are now designing child-friendly masks.

Child Face Mask Review

One such company that has a booming business right now is Child Face Mask. We understand it’s difficult for parents to find a child face mask, let alone convince their kids to wear one. Child Face Mask has made it a mission to supply face masks that kids love. Here’s why ordering a mask from Child Face Mask is your best solution right now:


Ordinary masks obviously too loose and oversized for children. The elastic doesn’t fit properly, the sides don’t fit, and sometimes the fabric gets in your child’s eyes. Children already shy away from a face mask, because it seems suffocating to them.

An oversized mask will irritate children even more, and they’ll completely neglect its need. Keeping this complication in mind, Child Face Mask has introduced smaller, snugly face masks that fit children perfectly. These masks align with the contour and chubbiness of children’s faces. They’re neither too big nor are they too tight. Using the right mask size can help your children feel more comfortable with wearing a mask.

Adjustable and Comfortable

Child Face Mask makes their masks fit for ages 3-9, so these masks can suit a variety of kid’s faces. It comes with adjustable elastic straps, so you can tighten it as much as your child prefers.

Patterns and Colors

Surgical masks, cloth masks, and nylon masks are made with plain, neutral-colored material. While the designs, colors, or patterns don’t matter to adults, they do matter to children. Anything with stars, clouds, animals, cars, flowers, or other imaginative patterns is bound to attract kids. Such a face mask would definitely sell fast. Child Face Mask has the following masks in its range:

  • Panda Mask.
  • Cat Mask.
  • Doggy Mask (pink and blue).
  • Camo Mask.

You can also go for a pack of mixed face masks if you need more than one mask for your children. These soft colors and prints are no less than a gift for children.


When it comes to masks, material quality and type have confused a lot of people in this chaos. While adults don’t have an issue with tougher or thicker masks, kids face a lot of trouble wearing them. They need something that’s lightweight, bendable, stretchable, durable, and soft. Luckily, Child Face Mask covers all of these requirements. The feather-soft cotton material and lining caress your child’s face without leaving any marks or scars. Children can wear them for long periods without ever damaging their soft skin. The masks also have a cooling technology, so your child doesn’t sweat or suffocate while wearing them. All of these reasons arguably make it the best kids face mask when comparing it to the alternatives.


The ffp2 Graded mask is considered as an equivalent of the N95 masks for children. Children can’t wear N95 series masks, because they’re pretty heavy-duty and thick. These breathable Child Face Mask products offer 95% protection for your kids. The full nose and mount won’t slip when your little one is playing, running, or even somersaulting. Instead of going for cheaper quality adult masks, it’s much safer to go for these.


Another feature that makes these child face masks so appealing is that they remain reusable for a long time. All you have to do is clean, fold, and keep the mask away when your child isn’t wearing it.


Even with all your planning and savings, you can’t keep your children safe if you can’t buy masks for them. The majority of the world is in strict lockdown, and there’s a shortage of masks even for medics and healthcare workers. Finding an actual store that sells face masks for kids is a far cry. However, despite the numerous restrictions on cargo, Child Face Mask guarantee safe and fast delivery.

How to Make a Kid’s Face Mask?

If you’re living in or near a coronavirus epicenter, it’s probably difficult for you to even step outside the house. In this case, it isn’t favorable to go finding masks at every corner of the city. Instead, you can try to sew one at home using everyday items. Here are three ways you can design safety masks for kids using basic items:

1. Using Cotton Cloth

For a cotton mask, take two 10” ×6” pieces of cotton fabric. You can use any discarded or spare piece of cloth. Just make sure it’s tightly knit and doesn’t have loose strands. CDC recommends washing the cloths regularly – you can do so in a washing machine to sterilize them before you turn them into a mask.

  • Sew together the two rectangular pieces of cotton fabric on all four sides.
  • Next, sew the 10” sides into a hem of ¼th an inch in width.
  • Hem the shorter sides about half of an inch.
  • Take two pieces of 6 inches long elastic and run them through the shorter sides (wider hems) of the mask. If you don’t have elastic available, you can look for strings or hair ties.
  • Tug the elastic loops gently so that the mask tightens around your face.

2. Using a T-Shirt

This is one of your last resorts. A T-shirt mask can work in emergencies but isn’t good for prolonged use.

  • Take an old shirt and cut out its bottom portion, approximately 7-8 inches wide.
  • Again, cut around 5-6 inches through the middle of this part. You’ll get a shape similar to a plastic bag.
  • Tie the narrow sides behind your head. Your T-shirt mask is ready.

3. Using a Bandana

You can make a mask with a bandana as well. Take a 20” ×20” bandana and fold it on half.

  • Fold the top side down, then the bottom side up.
  • Place the bandana through two elastic bands and tuck from the middle.
  • And that’s it. You’re all done.

Making a face mask at home is super easy. All you should be careful about are your child’s specifications. Don’t cut the cloth in a size that’s too large. Make sure the material isn’t plain boring or stuffy and exhausting.

A pro tip is to let your kids decorate their masks. They can use stickers, felt tip pens, fabric colors, or tie-dye techniques to make their masks attractive.

Buying A Kids Face Mask Versus Making Your Own

Here, we think it’s fair to point out the downsides of a homemade face mask, and the positive points of a store-bought one. There are several reasons to buy a ready-made mask for children:

First, it’s made with high quality and safe material. A company manufactured face mask is made from fresh, untouched fabric. It doesn’t disintegrate easily, nor does it get dirty all the time.

Kids can’t keep their stuff spotless and tend to make a mess everywhere. A ready-made mask is easier to clean and maintain.

Moreover, if you opt to buy a mask from a store like Child Face Mask, you’ll also have a variety to choose from. For picky kids, the range of cartoon characters and colors can be pretty satisfying.

How to Convince Your Child to Wear a Face Mask

You can’t blame children for being reluctant here. Face masks can scare away children, especially if they’re around 3-5 years old. Kids cannot understand the necessity of safety measures the way adults want them to. This can eventually result in you scaring away your child instead of convincing them. Here are some useful tips to convince kids to wear a mask:

Buy Them Their Favorite Mask

Like we mentioned earlier, children will love anything that has their favorite cartoon character on it. They’ll fall for colors and patterns and designs, too. The trick is to buy a mask of their choice. Child Face Mask has some of the most popular varieties in this regard. You’ll find this trick quite useful when you show the masks to your kids and ask them to wear them.

Set a Hygiene Routine

Establish a hygienic routine to make your children understand the reasons to wear a mask during coronavirus. Ask them to wash their hands. Buy them pocket-sized hand sanitizers. Encourage the use of tissue papers. And ask them to wear the face mask, too. If you only enforce wearing a mask, your kids will fail to understand the concept of safety and hygiene.

Reward Them

Like everyone else in the house, these times are difficult for your young ones, too. Keep a watch on your young kids, cousins, siblings, or neighbor’s kids. If they’re making it a habit to wear the mask, be encouraging. Tell them they’re doing good. Give them candies if you can. Award some extra storytime. Their favorite dish at the dinner table. Play some more games with them. Your kids should feel happy with the measures they take. Your appreciation will help them stick to their routine.

Teach Them Using Easy Concepts

Children cannot understand the history of pandemics or the spread of viral droplets. You can, however, help them understand how they should keep themselves safe. For example, you must have seen that viral example of pepper in water as a virus. When your kid takes some soap on one finger and dips it in the pepper flake + water mixture, all the flakes move away. Another example is the use of paint to show how to wash hands.

As for the mask, you can use a spray bottle to demonstrate how masks prevent any droplets from entering your nose. You can search the internet for more ways to convince children to wear their face mask.

Encourage Them

Children are easy to convince. In these times, you need to care for them and encourage them to take care of themselves. Using child-sized masks such as those from Child Face Mask can make this job much easier!