19 Kids Who Will Make You Laugh And Then Say, “Kids, Man!”

1. The kid who took passive-aggressiveness to a whole new level:

My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of em.

2. The kid who definitely feels they’re better than all the other second graders:


3. The kid who thought the family’s jar of mixed nuts needed a little bit more ‘dirty sock’ flavor:


4. The kid with very modest yet specific goals for the future:

A kindergardeners response to what she wants to be when she grows up. from funny

5. The kid who took instructions too literally:

Directions were to ‘draw hands on the clocks’… from funny

6. The kid who seriously thought the answer to “What is the vertex of ∠AXC?” was “Timmy”:


7. The kid who invented this very concerning hybrid toy/weapon:


8. The kid who brought a truly unique art class creation:


9. The kid who did THIS to his coloring sheet:


10. The kid who labelled tofu as ‘rainbows’ and hot sauce as… farts?


11. The kid who doesn’t realize they’re probably already a superhero:


12. This kid who felt the produce section was the perfect place to find his center:


13. This kid who’s definitely an expert at hide-and-seek:

I heard this kid yelling for his dad at Lowe’s, I went looking for him and….. from funny

14. The kid who made a playlist that’s just the Alvin & The Chipmunks’ version of “Born This Way” 241 times in a row:


15. This kid who thought an unsolicited stormtrooper crotch tap was okay:


16. The kid who’s definitely not going to get very many christmas presents this year:


17. This kid who rewrote the rules of UNO:


18. The kid who drew this original, um… art piece:


19. And finally, this kid who really doesn’t like Billy:


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