15 Majestic European Castles You Can Actually Spend A Night In

As Lorde so eloquently puts it, “we’ll never be royals,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t live like one for a night or two. Here are 15 castles that you can spend the (k)night in, and sleep like a king or queen.

#1. Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa, Italy.


Switch up your summer villa for this beautiful Tuscan castle. Click here to book your stay.

#2. Dairsie Castle, Scotland.


Holding up to its medieval roots, this castle’s got a dungeon that’s been converted to a bedroom. Fancy a quick game of dungeons and dragons? Click here to book your next adventure.

#3. Château de la Messardière, France.


This 19th century castle is the perfect place for a tranquil, yet chic vacation. Click here to start your spa getaway.

#4. Gstaad Palace, Switzerland.


Over 100 years old, this castle’s been host to some famous faces like Louis Armstrong and Liz Taylor. Situated in the Swiss alps, in the chalet-heavy environment of Gstaad. Click here to book your stay, and make sure to get those skis ready!

#5. Schloss Elmau Luxury Spa, Retreat & Cultural Hideaway, Germany.


Although this castle isn’t centuries old, it houses 5 restaurants, 4 spas, and numerous lounges. Click here to book your stay.

#6. Ashford Castle, Ireland.


Built in 1228, it’s one of the oldest castles in all of Ireland. Ashford Castle was once the home of Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness. Yes, that Guinness. Free flowing beer not included. Click here to book your royal stay.

#7. Balfour Castle, Scotland.


Built in 1847, it’s dubbed the most northerly castle in the world. The castle’s chapel is also no stranger to small weddings. If that isn’t enough to get you to start packing, maybe its false bookshelves and secret passages will. Start your fairytale vacation and book here.

#8. InterContinental Porto/Palacio das Cardosas, Portugal.


Found in Porto, home of Port wine, this palace was turned into InterContinental property just recently in 2011. Book your stay here.

#9. Abbeyglen Castle, Ireland.


This scenic castle used to be an orphanage for young boys and girls, then was later developed into a hotel in the 1960s. Click here to book your stay.

#10. Ruthin Castle Hotel, Wales.


Don’t let its charming exterior fool you, this castle’s equipped with a dungeon and a whipping pit. The castle also regularly holds medieval themed banquets. Book here to start your themed vacation.

#11. Hazlewood Castle, England.


Opened as a hotel in 1997, this castle was used as a place of refuge by priests during the reign of Henry VIII and his persecution of Catholics. Book your stay by clicking here.

#12. JW Marriott Bucharest Hotel, Romania.


10 years after the execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu, this palace was turned into a hotel, all while keeping its palace repertoire. Its extensive amenities mean it’s known as a “city within a city.” Get lost in this palace by booking your stay here.

#13. Castel Porrona, Italy.


Surrounded by vineyards, sunflower fields, and olive groves. Perfect your stay in this centuries old castle with a glass of Tuscan wine. Click here to book your stay.

#14. Fenton Tower, Scotland.


A private castle for up to 12 guests in a secluded environment. King James VI of Scotland once sought refuge in this 16th century tower, now so can you. Click here to book your stay.

#15. Thornbury Castle, England.


This 10th century castle’s bedchambers were once occupied by King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. If that bit of history isn’t enough to persuade you to visit, maybe its intriguing origins will. Click here to book your stay.