Latvian Artist Creates Fairytale Book Covers That Are Simply Magical

Aniko Kolesnikova has a pretty unusual interest. She spends her time crafting shockingly cool book covers.

Working under the name Mandarin Duck, Latvia-based Kolesnikova creates book and journal covers that are nothing short of magical. Here are some more of her amazing creations:



Indian Elephant

Nature’s footprint


Starry Eyed


Floral journal

Skull and roses

The lighthouse

Blue dragon

Book binding has actually been around since the 5th century. Binding typically uses materials such as wood, leather, and cloth. Occasionally human skin is used in a process called anthropodermic bibliopegy.

But if binding with skin isn’t your thing, perhaps Kolesnikova‘s timelapse video tutorial on cover design will be (FYI, it’s amazing):