LeBron James Net Worth

The NBA star has a staggering net worth of $1 billion, making him the second athlete in history to become a billionaire after Michael Jordan. LeBron has built a business empire encompassing his own media company, health and wellness company, and a Cleveland mansion.

Lebron James has a diverse business portfolio

While most people associate athletes with sports, James has an increasingly diverse business portfolio. His investments range from a minority stake in sports apparel brand Nike to a partnership with Mike Mancias to launch a sports nutrition company, Ladder. The Lakers superstar also has a large stake in the Liverpool FC soccer team. His portfolio also includes his own entertainment production company called SpringHill.

He’s also active in the film industry. Besides playing basketball, James is an executive producer on HBO’s documentary on Muhammad Ali and a scripted drama about Wimbledon champion Naomi Osaka. He’s also working on a Netflix comedy, “Top Boy,” starring Drake. James is also involved with SpringHill Entertainment, which produces compelling content for a cross-cultural audience. He is also set to appear in a sequel to Space Jam, a movie he’s starring in.

Lifetime contract with Nike

The new lifetime contract that Lebron James has with Nike is likely the most lucrative one in sports. It is reportedly worth $30 million annually, and by the time James turns 64, he could have earned another billion dollars from it. Lebron and Nike have also discussed the possibility of LeBron owning his own brand like Michael Jordan did. A new Forbes article estimates that LeBron could earn more than $1 billion during his lifetime.

LeBron has been partnered with the athletic apparel giant since he was in high school. The contract is worth at least PS333 million ($500 million). It is worth noting that LeBron has been boosting his business portfolio in recent years, having recently sold Beats by Dre to Apple for $1 billion.

Media and health companies

In addition to establishing his own basketball team and creating his own media company, NBA superstar LeBron James has a variety of other ventures. He’s partnered with celebrities and athletes, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cindy Crawford. His supplement company, Ladder, started from an idea James had back in the 2014 NBA Finals, when he was forced to leave a game because of cramps.

LeBron James has several interests outside basketball. He owns 14 franchises of Blaze Pizza, has stakes in Beats Electronics and Liverpool F.C., and has been working on a biopic about his early days. He has also partnered with celebrities to produce a remake of 1990’s comedy House Party. His interests in fitness include working out, eating healthy, and traveling the world.

Cleveland home

The NBA superstar recently bought a sprawling mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, for $23 million. He already owns a home in Los Angeles and a property in Cleveland in the same city, Brentwood Park. The Brentwood mansion is spread over 15,846 square feet and has eight bedrooms. In addition to a gym and a home theater, the estate includes a private lake and a steam room.

Although the James family owns a home in Akron, they have been away from the neighborhood for eight years. They’ve left behind a dozen television sets, a Jacuzzi in the backyard, a basketball hoop, and a few other memorabilia. The house also features stickers of their high school alma mater and names etched into the concrete. Pamela Munyon, a neighbor, has also received mail from the family.

He is a part-owner of the Boston Red Sox

The New York Times reported that the NBA superstar has become part-owner of the Boston Red Sox. The deal will increase the Red Sox’s brand recognition in the community, and it also gives the Red Sox instant credibility among young fans. In recent years, baseball has had trouble attracting young fans. But James’s involvement with the Red Sox is a sign of the newfound attention he’s receiving.

The NBA superstar, who has been a fan of the Yankees since high school, has taken a stake in the team. He even wore a Yankees cap to a game against the Indians in 2007. As part of the deal, James will have partial ownership of the Boston Red Sox, the league’s biggest rival. Despite his new role as a part-owner, LeBron has yet to publicly address the deal.

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