35 Stylish Lemonade Braids for 2022

In 2016, Beyonce debuted a new visual album called Lemonade, and with it, popularized a new hairstyle: lemonade braids. The style, which is also known as box braids, features countless thin braids cascading down Beyonce’s back. The lemonade braids trend quickly caught on, with many fans emulating Beyonce’s look.

Lemonade braids are not only beautiful, but they’re also practical. The tight braid weave protects hair from damage, making it a popular choice for those with natural hair. In addition, lemonade braids can be worn in a variety of styles. They can be left loose and flowing, or pulled into a sleek bun or ponytail.

Whether you’re looking for a protective style or simply want to try something new, lemonade braids are a great option. Thanks to Beyonce, this timeless style is once again en vogue. Let’s explore some of the ways you can personalize this style!

1. Beyonce Lemonade Braids

Beyonce’s Lemonade Braids are one of her most iconic hairstyles. They are named after the ones she wore for her 2016 album ‘Lemonade’. The style consists of long, colored braids that are pulled back into a ponytail. The style is both feminine and fierce, and it has become one of Beyonce’s signature looks. The Lemonade Braids are often worn with a bold makeup look, and they are perfect for making a statement.

2. Classic Lemonade Braids

The Classic Lemonade Braid hairstyle is a beautiful and timeless way to wear your hair. This style is simple and elegant and perfect for any occasion.

3. Small Lemonade Braids

Small lemonade braids look cute and are a good option for thinner hair types. They are versatile so can be styled in any way you like.

4. Pulled Back Lemonade Braids

Not all lemonade braids have to be worn down; in fact, this pulled back style is ideal for hot summer days when you want your hair off your face. Simply gather your braids into a low ponytail or bun and enjoy the heat.

5. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

These are the lemonade braids for those with thicker, longer hair. Jumbo cornrows will give you plenty of length and definition, whilst still being easy to style once complete.

6. Big Lemonade Braids

If you like your braids big, then these are the ones for you. This style is all about making a statement, so if you’re feeling bold, give them a try.

7. Center Part Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids don’t have to start from the side; this center part style is super flattering and will suit everyone. It’s also a great way to mix up your look if you’re bored of traditional cornrows.

8. Medium Lemonade Braids

These medium-sized lemonade braids are the perfect happy medium between small and large styles. They will add interest and texture to your hair without being too overbearing.

9. Topknot Lemonade Braids

If you’re after a style that will keep your hair off your face, try these topknot lemonade braids. Simply gather your braids into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then, twist and wrap the hair around itself to form a bun.

10. Lemonade Braids to the Side

One of the most popular ways to wear lemonade braids is swept to one side. This can be done with any size or type of braid, but we love how delicate small cornrows look when styled in this way.

11. Large Lemonade Braids

For those with thicker hair, large lemonade braids are a great option. They will add plenty of texture and interest to your look, whilst still being easy to style.

12. Lemonade Braids With Beads

Beads are a great way to add some personality to your lemonade braids. This style is perfect for summer, as the beads will help to keep your hair in place and stop it from getting too frizzy.

13. Jumbo Triangle Part

This unique take on lemonade braids features a triangle part instead of the traditional center or side part. It’s a great way to add some interest to your look and is perfect for those with thicker hair.

14. Long Lemonade Braids

These super long lemonade braids are perfect for those with Rapunzel-like locks. They will give you plenty of length and definition, whilst still being easy to style.

15. Ponytail Lemonade Braids

Amp up your ponytail game by adding some lemonade braids. This look is quick and easy to achieve, and can be worn both casual or glam.

16. Pink Lemonade Braids

These pretty in pink lemonade braids are the perfect way to add a touch of color to your hair. Whether you want a permanent change or just want to experiment with some temporary hues, these are the braids for you!

17. Updo Lemonade Braids

Got an event coming up? Try a gorgeous updo! This elegant style will make sure all eyes are on you – for all the right reasons.

18. Lemonade Braids With Color

If you really want to make a statement, try mixing up your lemonade braids with some color. We love this two-tone look with blonde and black braids.

19. Nicki Minaj Lemonade Braids

Love Nicki’s style? Why not try copying her style of lemonade braids? This style is perfect if you want to add some extra length or just want to switch up your look.

20. Burgundy Lemonade Braids

For a touch of glam, try these burgundy lemonade braids. We love how the dark hue makes the long locks stand out even more.

21. Zig Zag Lemonade Braids

If you’re after something a little different, why not try these zig-zag lemonade braids? They’re a fun and funky way to style your hair.

22. Blonde Lemonade Braids

If you want to make a real impact, try these blonde lemonade braids. The lighter hue will really make your locks pop.

23. Half up Half Down Lemonade Braids

Not sure whether to wear your hair up or down? Why not try this half up half down style? It’s the perfect compromise.

24. Lemonade Braids With Wraps

If you want to add some extra interest to your lemonade braids, try adding some wraps. We love how they add a touch of bohemian glam to the look.

25. Swirl Lemonade Braids

These swirl lemonade braids are the perfect way to add some fun and flair to your hair. They’re also super easy to do!

26. Ombre Lemonade Braids

If you’re after a more subdued look, try these ombre lemonade braids. The graduated color is really flattering and will make your hair look extra long and luscious.

27. Two-Tone Lemonade Braids

Love experimenting with color? Try these two-tone lemonade braids and really make a statement. We love how the different colors add interest and depth to the look.

28. Lemonade Braids With Heart

Want to add a touch of romance to your look? These lemonade braids with a heart design are the perfect way to do it.

29. Ghana Lemonade Braids

Want to try a different style of lemonade braid? Ghana braids are a really popular option. They’re similar to cornrows but with a tighter, more intricate design.

30. Cornrow Lemonade Braids

Cornrow lemonade braids are a really popular option, and it’s easy to see why. They’re super stylish and can be worn both casual and glam.

31. Lemonade Tribal Braids

If you want to add some cultural flair to your hair, try these lemonade tribal braids. They’re perfect for festivals or any other time you want to stand out from the crowd.

32. Lemonade Braids for Kids

Get your little ones in on the lemonade braid action with this super cute style. It’s perfect for keeping their hair out of their face while they play.

33. Lemonade Braids With Curls

For a fun and summery look, try adding some big curls to your lemonade braids. This style is perfect for a day at the beach or a party.

34. Bohemian Lemonade Braids

This pretty bohemian style features loose, face-framing braids with long, tousled curls. It’s the perfect way to wear lemonade braids if you’re after a more relaxed look.

35. Goddess Lemonade Braids

These long and flowing lemonade braids will make you feel like a goddess. They’re perfect for summer days spent by the pool or at the beach.

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