This Man Is Divorced, But He’s Celebrating His 25th Wedding Anniversary Anyway For The Best Reason

It was coming up to Jeff Johnson’s would-be 25th anniversary this year, and he decided to celebrate — even though he’s been divorced from ex-wife Connie for over a decade.

He posted the below image on Facebook, with a message: “Happy 25th anniversary to my partner in the greatest people-making, co-parenting partnership in the history of the universe! At least we got that right!”

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His daughter, Rachel, explained that Connie and Jeff hadn’t acknowledged their anniversary for 12 years since the divorce.

But despite the separation, Jeff wanted to recognize the positive aspects of their partnership after 25 years.

“We weren’t right for each other to be married,” he wrote, “But that doesn’t mean we still don’t cooperate. We still did a great job raising our kids and I wanted to celebrate getting that right.”

Jeff’s now-viral post has inspired many to remember that even when a romantic relationship fails, a couple can still be a great team.

“They took care of my brother and myself while being able to keep it all together,” said daughter Rachael, “They were able to help us regardless if they weren’t helping themselves.”


We’re not crying. You’re crying.

Both Connie and Jeff understood that, by sharing the two people they love most — their children — they could work together and do what’s best for them.

“Once you care about somebody, you don’t stop caring once your relationship changes,” said Connie, “I wish more divorced couples could do that, for the sake of their kids.”

Rachel added, “When my parents know that they need to come together and be a team for us, they do it. When we need to come together, we do.”

What an amazing couple.

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